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Questions/Queries to the City of Post Oak Bend:  Email postoakbendcity@gmail.com
 The Post Oak Bend Community Center may be rented for a bridal shower, anniversary celebration, birthday party or reunionMany of our citizens and our Kaufman County neighbors have taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity!



Hours of Operation - By Appointment

The Post Oak Bend City Hall Community Center is open by appointment. To set an appointment, email the CIty at postoakbendcity@gmail.com. The City does not have full-time staff, so we ask you to bear with us. 
For more on events, please see the Tab-Building Permits and City Rentals. In addition, for a facility rental form, please email City for application at postoakbendcity@gmail.comA $200 rental fee for 4 hour minimum. $200.00 damage deposit required. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on site.

Mail:    City of Post Oak Bend
             P.O. Box 746
             Kaufman, Texas 75142

          Telephone:   Cell # 214-686-8887
Please leave a detailed message if no one is available.

 Please contact City Secretary Services at  214-686-8887 
        E-mail:  postoakbendcity@gmail.com
       Web site:      www.postoakbend.org

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City can be reached by calling 214-686-8887 or emailing postoakbendcity@gmail.com.  If unavailable at the moment, please leave a detailed message.. 

City of Post Oak Bend, Physical Address: 1175 County Road 278, Kaufman, Texas 75142
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 746, Kaufman, Tx 75142

www.postoakbend.org         postoakbendcity@gmail.com